Let's face it, business problems are really people problems in disguise! One bad hire will result in lost revenue, lost productivity and lost time.


Your company can not afford to just "roll the dice" and hope that it works out. Too much is at stake!

Building a successful company requires thought into why and whom you should hire before you start interviewing. Evaluating a person's ability to be wildly successful in the role is critical. Yet, this is where we fail! You must gather evidence to support each and every hire.


Where we smoke our competitors:

We CSI your hiring process by optimizing & solving hiring challenges!

We position your company to clearly stand out from your competition and WIN critical hires 


"Hires are won and lost in the first interaction with your company, NOT at the offer stage!"



Here’s how we do it:

  1. We immerse ourselves in your culture and listen.  

  2. We start by drilling down on the actual work that needs to be accomplished and create effective job descriptions.  Our descriptions are designed to attract passive talent and benchmark performance standards.  We provide the road map of what needs to be accomplished in their first year by which you will hold them accountable.

  3. Next, we analyze your hiring process. Everything from your messaging, first contact, interview structure through the offer presentation, acceptance, and onboarding.  We know that nothing turns off great people more than an unprepared, discombobulated interview.

  4. We build interview questions that uncover the truth and bring to the surface the fit with your company values and culture.  We train, coach and mentor your leaders to make great hiring decisions by eliminating bias and assumptions.

  5. engage talented people who will make a significant impact on your organization. Connecting the dots between their career aspirations and your company objectives.

  6. Finally, we facilitate the creation of winning scenarios that draw the strongest person in your company. Everyone wins!... Well, not your competitors

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Our method is not novel, in fact, is common knowledge but not common practice. Where we rise above our competition is in our understanding, commitment to quality and "give before you ask" approach. 

We understand the "Why" first! 
We Minimize the transactional interaction by understanding each parties pain
Cultural & Values Alignment are more critical than skills for a successful hire!
People will tell you where they will Succeed 
Past performance is a key indicator of future performance
We target transferrable skills backed by evidence of success
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The second significant piece of our business is to help companies to build an effective and impressively structured recruitment process.  We will train you to do what we do.  Our consultation involves a multi-step makeover of how you interview and a guide on how to minimize bad hires while emotionally engaging the most desirable people.


A Stride Search Professional will:

  • Analyze your current interview process

  • Build candidate identification and engagement process (through referrals, research & sourcing)

  • Write value-based job descriptions

  • Establish pipeline management and stakeholder buy-in

  • Create interview formats and formalize processes

  • Write behavioral based interview questions in alignment with your company values/culture

  • Set expectations, communication channels, and feedback commitments

  • Define your counter-offer/competing offer strategy

  • Clarify Offer and Acceptance processes


Finally, we will formalize the rejection/offer process to ensure a positive candidate experience.  The result?  More accepted offers and a higher quality of talent who will make an impact and catapult your company to success.

Significance: Our priorities are value and impact. Every interaction should have actionable takeaways to keep you moving forward on completing your mission. We don't waste your time. Your ROI is incredibly important to us. Our mission is to provide the training and the slingshot that helps David triumph over Goliath.

We started Hire Power to give back. To provide entrepreneurs & business leaders the tools to make educated hiring decisions & win the right hire.


Immersed: People matter, you matter! Who you are as a person is important to us. So we invest the time to understand you. We are not quick. We are not transactional.

“Find the Truth”: We invest the time to Dig down into the guts of the engine to understand the inner workings of the challenge? We always question why?


Proactive: we inspire proactivity amongst participants. As a team, we anticipate issues and counter before they happen. Spectators may catch a foul ball every once in a while, but players make up the game. Your Business will not thrive if you take a “wait and see” approach. We are players, we support and cultivate other players.  


Resourceful: We are great at connecting the dots! Clever & creative connectors. Do you need an introduction to a person, product or service?  We Probably know a person…  We are Abundance Mentality thinkers.


Chivalry: Like a modern medieval Knight, we open doors, say thank you and are courteous. We fiercely protect our ecosystem with courage, honor & justice. We are prepared and ready to help those in need.





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