"Hires are won and lost in the first interaction with your company, NOT at the offer stage!"

Hiring? Don't roll the dice...

You needed talent yesterday and for some reason you’re just not locking it down. Is it your job posts? Your interview style? The way you recruit? The answer is yes to all or at least one of the above.

Hiring the strongest talent is not a transaction, it’s having a strong process that is executed to evaluate people to values and cultural alignment.  Land top talent without having Tesla pockets or Google playground facilities.

Resumes are buzzwords and bullshit. Here’s the bottom line, when you’re in the people business, not the resume business. The truth is, the most valuable real estate on a resume is the white space.

Past performance is a key indicator of future performance. Evaluate people on their ability to perform based on evidence of success.

Engaged search

The Plan

Immersion and understanding of your unique DNA


Heal Your Pain and Win Hires

Engage with us  to build an effective and impressively structured recruitment process.  We will train you to do what we do.  Our consultation involves a multi-step makeover of how you interview and a guide on how to minimize bad hires while emotionally engaging the most desirable people.

We will formalize the rejection/offer process to ensure a positive candidate experience. The result?  More accepted offers and a higher quality of talent who will make an impact and catapult your company to success.



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