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Your Startup's success depends on every hire




The most effective training platform and consulting service to allow your company to win the strongest hire. Every time.


Let us help you implement the most effective operating system for your company to grow and thrive. 


We created the system tailored to your company and teach you what to do to run an evidence-based interview process.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or you’re just starting up.  Contact us today for an evaluation or to sign up for one of our workshops.  We look forward to helping you! 

Hiring? Don't roll the dice...

Engaged search

The Plan

Immersion and understanding of your unique DNA


We empower your startup to make hiring strongest people, your strongest talent 

Heal Their Pain and Win Hires

Engage with us  to build an effective and impressively structured recruitment process.  We train you to do what we do.  Our consultation involves a multi-step makeover of how you interview and a guide on how to minimize bad hires while emotionally engaging the most desirable people.

The result?  Accepted offers and a higher quality of person who align with your corporate values. People driven to make an impact and catapult your company to success.