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Start-up Builder, Hiring Geek, Author, Keynote Speaker
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"Rick’s unconventional expertise and rebellious approach, gives start-ups the power and the system to making hiring effective and achieving the win, every time."    ~Socrates

Start-up Builder 

CXO of Stride Search

Host of Hire Power Radio

Author of "Healing Career Wounds"

From the moment he sprung from the womb, Rick Girard has been a pain in the ass.

He can’t help it. The guy is a born rebel.

In school, he challenged his teachers when he thought they were shallow. He questioned his coaches when he thought they were making bad calls. He even grilled his friends when he saw them doing things he regarded as not so smart choices.

Why? Was it because he wanted to be helpful? Because he cared just that much? Nope. It was because, more than anything, Rick liked—and still likes—to win. And, like George Costanza on Seinfeld, he’s figured out that the way to win, which almost always turns out to be the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

That’s why he developed his proven system for hiring—and gave the start-up world a much-needed kick in the ass.

Rick didn’t grow up dreaming of changing the game in recruiting…or business of any kind. His dream was to be a Playboy photographer (don’t judge!) until he decided that as much as he loved creating art, he liked eating and having a roof over his head even more. So he took a job in recruiting, and even though he phoned it in, he wound up making a lot of money. However, when a friend derisively referred to him as a “resume-slinging cowboy,” Rick knew. It was time to up his game…by changing everything he was doing. 

He studied many approaches to recruiting, ultimately perfecting the process into a single system that is both seamless and highly-successful in achieving the right results. The result is the Hire Operating System (Hire OS), a secret weapon that focuses on hiring consciously that consistently attracts the best people. As the founder and CEO of Stride Search, Rick used (and still uses) this system to build top-performing teams for Silicon Valley start-ups and other cutting-edge companies. His mission has been to give committed start-ups the clarity, power and system to make hiring a win, every time. And somehow, he has turned his unsettling impulses, unruly nature into success for hundreds of clients.

In case you were wondering, those clients aren’t the only people who get to enjoy Rick’s unique take on the world. His value driven nature, insights and systems are enjoyed by audiences every week on the Hire Power Radio Show & Podcast. In his spare time, he competes in a laundry-list of alpha-male activities, from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to surfing to rock climbing to running with scissors. 

Rick has a wife, a child and a dog, who all put up with him for some unknown reason.

Healing Career Wounds

We are currently in the middle of a hiring revolution. There’s been a seismic change in the relationship between the people getting hired and those doing the hiring, and companies who haven’t learned how to do it right are being left behind. So how can you win at the hiring game?


Healing Career Wounds is your secret weapon.


…it’s time to ditch your problematic recruiting process for an evolutionary model of consciously hiring for value alignment. Healing Career Wounds will give you all the tools you desire to find, hire and hang on to the strongest people on the planet.


So if you are…


A founder who just can’t find “the right people,”

A co-founder to doesn’t trust your team to make the right hiring decisions,

An entrepreneur who has lost a great hire to a company with a bigger checkbook,

A leader who knows culture is more important than skills yet is still missing the connection,

A hiring manager who doesn’t have a clue how to interview people, or

A start-up that is destined for greatness but just can’t get off the ground…


This book contains the solution your business needs to impact the world.


Written by subject matter speaker and hiring expert Rick Girard, this radical guide introduces the Hire Operating System (HireOS), a single, start-to-finish system to the hiring process that is both seamless and highly-successful in achieving the right results. This revolutionary take on hiring is the competitive edge businesses need to master this brave new world of hiring and come out on top.

The Book

Let's discuss why it is imperative for entrepreneurs and start-up founders to make hiring the strongest people, your strongest talent

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