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There is a Magic Formula for Recruiting Talent!

Quite often I hear, recruiting has not changed in like…. Forever. And it won't likely change anytime soon. Here’s the thing… the people have changed. People are no longer interested in being your transaction. Yet the method you practice every day is 100% transactional!


The Truth: Nobody cares about Your Company, Your Job & Your Perks! 


So you lose. And you will continue to lose because you're not listening to what people want. You are too busy selling. No one wants to be sold... but they do want to buy!


The source of your frustration with candidates and clients is entirely on you! Non-responsive candidates are the byproduct of how you interact with them in the very beginning. 


The fundamentals of what you have learned in recruiting go against the primal brain. The words that come out of your mouth often trigger “fight or flight” and it is you that drive people away. It is you that get people to hang up on you. Because they know YOU are trying to sell them something they don’t desire.


You are viewed as just a resume source, you work for free and your expendable. Companies will drop you in a heartbeat because you are replaceable. 


The key to landing better candidates, clients and ultimately search assignments comes down to value. 


Learn the script that totally demolishes the traditional recruiting process! We want to share our unconventional method that develops more talent than you ever thought possible. The 3 questions designed to start the journey that enables you to quickly qualify, engage & hire the most sought after people. 

This is a 4-hour LIVE, online workshop!

It is highly interactive, engaging and roleplay intensive. 

Why live?

In order for it to work, you need to believe it will work. The only way to believe it works is to experience it working. Just like magic!

Learn the exact steps to recruit the most talented people to ensure your company's success 

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What you will learn...

Psychology behind the mindset of today’s talent

Words to get past objections and into a high-value conversation

Path to lead the conversation to the desired outcome

Framework to gather evidence to support an interview

Confidence to connect the desire to opportunity

Value at scale



ghosting, guessing, tire kicking, shopping & lying


✓ Engage  85% of the people you contact 

✓ Response to “I’m not looking right now”/ ”not interested” that turns it into a high-value conversation 

✓ Decreased workload by eliminating spillage at the top of your funnel 

✓ Get Passive Talent Hired Without Pitching, Chasing or Buying


Brian M, Sr. Recruiter

Hiring managers now trust my submissions and they have now begun to bypass the first stage of screening, as they know that I’m sending them high-quality talent.

Hank L, CEO

Our recruiters learned to get passive candidates to take their calls, and how to motivate candidates to consider making a career move. The results have been outstanding.

Rodney B, President & COO

The methodology behind finding the pain point was a key and core component in the success behind our search. This was a real differentiator from recruitment firms we had worked with in the past.


I believe this course should be for EVERYONE who hires people! However, we have been getting an overwhelming response from the recruiting community and we aim to serve.


Startups are our specialty and entrepreneurs and founders benefit from this training as well. After all, it was created for you!


You are the Head of Talent for your company. You have invested a lot of money in sourcing tools, only to get marginal results. Your recruiters keep wanting to add the latest & greatest however they are not able to produce the results with the tools you already have. You can’t really justify the ROI in new tools but you want to support your people. 


Your people keep pouring more into the funnel but are not able to convert sourced talent to interviews. The only reasonable solution seems to be “keep adding more to the funnel” eventually something will come out the bottom. They just can't seem to hit the right buttons to engage the right people. 


You’re probably very frustrated with relying on inbound traffic, job boards and agency submittals for hires. Deep down you know that some of the hires that are being made are questionable. You are hoping for the best. You can't help but feel that there has to be a better way!



You’re an in-house Recruiter who is maxed out.   With all the activity you have, you find it hard to find the time to recruit while you are managing the process. You have become an “order taker” …. eeek!


Your life looks like this… you’re working crazy hours, you are spending a lot of time generating activity reports and are under a lot of pressure to fill the roles quickly.  Leadership is expecting you to deliver unicorns with very limited resources and unrealistic expectations. Managers don’t listen to you or trust your judgment. Heck, you have to chase them down for feedback. 


You’re making placements and your company tells you they are happy with your work but you find it to be a daily battle just to get decisions from your managers. You are probably unsure about the future because you feel you are always under the microscope. 



You are a “Successful”  Headhunter! You have a lot of activity, you manage your day well and you are constantly on the phone making things happen.  But you have blind spots. Whenever a candidate tells you they are “not looking” or “not interested” you shift into sales mode and start selling the benefits of your company. Sometimes it works, often it does not. 


People do not respond to being “Sold” anymore. You keep searching for more creative ways to gain buy-in but it is really a lot of the same messaging.  With that comes frustration because inside you know you're failing, even though to the outside world you're a success.    


Every day, we talk to people just like you! I understand your pain and are here to help you evolve. Radically transform your results by bringing purpose back into your work!​​​​​​ I invite you to join our workshop and start the journey that lightens your workload, builds credibility with your hiring managers and makes the offer acceptance inevitable!