Hosted by Rick Girard, CEO Stride Search, Host of Hire Power Radio

This Webinar designed for Talent Acquisition Professionals, Relationship Driven Recruiters, Entrepreneurs, & Hiring Managers 


"Hires are won or lost in the first interaction with your company, not at the offer stage"

A lot of time is wasted posting & praying or continuously adding to the funnel. Hoping for something magical to happen. Only to get mediocre results. Hope is not a good recruiting strategy! 

The best people are busy working and don't really want to be found. Even if they are open to a better opportunity, they’re NOT responding to you! 


Because you are just adding to the noise. People who are working have no interest in your sales pitch on Your Company, Your Job & Your Perks!

Here's the Truth! 
✓ Hiring Passive Talent is Actually EASIER than Hiring Active Job Seekers
✓ Reviewing Resumes is the Most Ineffective Use of Time to Judge Talent​​​​​​​
✓ The Most Effective Way to Recruit is NOT Pitching Your Job, Your Company, or Your Perks​​​​​​​


Webinar Testimonials:

"This webinar was very insightful! Thanks so much for generating such great content."  

-John D.


"Thank you!!! This Webinar was Awesome."  

-Courtney L


"Thank you, Rick! It was great to learn a few things especially loved the part of flipping the script."  

-Preeti V


This content is a game-changer for your recruiting practice! 

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