• Rick Girard

What if Your Career were More Fulfilling?

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Your alarm goes off. You drag yourself out of bed. You eat breakfast and head to work. The same thing you did yesterday; the same thing you’ll do tomorrow. You hear about those people who wake each morning excited by the prospect of their day. What are they doing differently from you? What’s their secret?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a position that put a bounce into your step? An opportunity that gave your day more meaning? Even if you are not quite ready to make the leap into the job search market, it is a good idea to routinely evaluate and manage your career.

You Are Not Alone

Did you know that more than 67% of working professionals are not satisfied with their career path? The challenge is that they are so busy that they do not have the time to actively look for something stronger. Deciding to explore opportunities can be a difficult decision to make. It’s hard to know when the time is right! Reviewing opportunities is an excellent way to explore your options, giving you time to carefully evaluate a move.

Are Your Skills, Education, and Experience Being Used Wisely?

If you feel like you are getting bored or just not being challenged, be proactive and talk to your manager. Figure out if there is an opportunity for you to positively impact the organization. By taking the initiative, you are creating a win-win scenario that will make both you and your manager look good when you succeed. This may not be easy in an organization that is ok with the status quo. If no options are available, you need to recognize that your career is on life support. Find your fulfillment… elsewhere.

Being able to use and improve your natural talents and abilities makes for a more productive day. Challenge yourself to progress, fight complacency and build a life of purpose. Keep searching for the things that make you feel whole. By working in an environment that is better suited to your talents, you’ll find you walk into the office each day more awake and engaged than ever before.

Quality of Life or Scenery

Maybe you love your job, but you hate the two-hour commute each way, or you long to see the ocean from your office. You can always check out similar opportunities that will continue to give your life meaning, and maybe find a location with greater convenience, or more importantly, free time! A change in scenery can also shake things up if you've fallen into a routine that's becoming too predictable.

Life Is What You Settle For

Life is short, we all know that. Moreover, no one is going to look out for you, as well as you can. Gone are the days of being “married” to one company for the rest of your life. Markets and trends change so fast that “dating” really is our only option now. So, be honest with yourself and recognize when you are no longer excited to go to work. Find that way to get that spring back into your step. Be one of those people who you hear about!

If you are open to discussing how you can enhance your career, reach out to one of the recruiter consultants at Stride Search. You’ll get the latest industry information and the benefit of a talented, professional team that cares about you and your career progression.


Rick Girard is the Founder & CEO of Stride Search, an Engaged search firm. He has launched a crusade to disrupt recruiting by elevating the value that your talent acquisition partner brings to your organization. Rick raises the bar with a clearly defined methodology and process that is implemented to gain a massive competitive advantage for his clients.

Rick competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has an affinity for any adrenaline-pumping activity. Favorite activities include surfing, rock climbing, and running with scissors. Most weekends are invested in some sort of adventure. Usually exploring new beaches and hiking trails with his Wife and Daughter.