How much does recruiting cost?

The question we should start with is how much does it cost to have an open seat? I have seen a lot of estimates of the cost but the general consensus is that an open role costs your company up to 3 times the base salary. So the annual cost of a person making $100,000 a year would cost your company $300,000 annually. 


Recruiting is expensive whatever route you take. The important thing to remember is that no matter what the cost, are you receiving significant value above and beyond just fining people for your company. Typically the three different approaches to engaging a recruitment professional for your organization depend on your specific requirements and level of engagement. Really analyze your needs and know exactly your expectations before you hire an in-house internal recruiter, Work with one/ many contingency search firms or work with a retained search firm.


Depending on market and geographical location, most fees will average between 15 -35% of the person placed first years annual income. On average a person making a $100k  salary, you can expect to pay the recruiting firm an average fee of $25k. At the executive level, you can expect the fee for a person with $200K salary to run about %60k on a retained search. Depending on the industry and position type, search firms charge anywhere from 20-35% of the person's first years annual income or OTE (sales) as a placement fee.


Retained search firms usually operate on a fixed or percentage basis with an average fee basis of about 33%. They work on a model where you invest ⅓ of the estimated fee as a retainer for their services. The second ⅓ installment is usually due after completion of a specified number of interviews with the remained of the fee paid upon completion of the search.


Your Investment and what do you get?

We are an Engaged Professional recruiter firm! What does that mean? Well, we operate as a partner the the clients we service and represent our customers as an extension of the company as the recruiting arm. We take the time to analyze your current culture, talent gaps, process/structure (or lack there of) and integrate best practices to create an impressive and effective approach to locating and hiring A players within your organization.


Our firm charges a monthly “engagement fee” for an agreed upon term for the project and a “success fee” for each successful placement made in your organization. We find that when both parties have some skin in the game, the likelihood of a successful campaign increases to about 97.5%. Thats right, we have a really high success rate.

So what determines our fees? Like most consulting projects we gauge our fees on the scope of the project and the resources we need to successfully complete within the fastest designated time frame.


Our engagement fee is a flat monthly investment that is running for a term of 3-9 months (depending on the level of search). Your investment per role will run anywhere from $3500 per month/per role to $11,500 per month/per role (Executive) depending on the number and level of the positions agreed upon. With each successful hire, we charge a success fee which is also a predetermined flat fee.

We believe that in order to provide the highest level of service and gain trust with our partners, we do not tie our income to that of the negotiation of salary for the candidate.

Our allegiance is with our clients and negotiating a higher offer to bump up our fee is just wrong! We eliminate the distrust and risk out of the equation for our clients as all recruiting partners should.



Brag a bit about yourselves and let us know what challenges we can eliminate for you.


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